About Us

BIHG Committee 2019-2020

The BIHG committee is elected every two years at the BIHG Conference.


Chair: Dr. Patrick Finney, Aberystwyth University

Vice-Chair: Dr. James Ellison, Queen Mary University

Secretary: Dr. Rogelia Pastor-Castro, University of Strathclyde

Treasurer: Dr. Helen Parr, Keele University

Newsletter Editor: Dr. Robert McNamara, University of Ulster

Conference Officer: Professor Gaynor Johnson, University of Kent

Membership Officer: Dr. David Kaufman, University of Edinburgh

Thesis Prize Officer: Dr. Michael Hopkins University of Liverpool


Website & Communications: Mr. Colin McDowall, University of Glasgow,
                                            Ms. Jessica Shahan, Aberystwyth University

PG ECR Representatives: Dr. George Roberts, University of Warwick,
                                       Dr. Poppy Cullen, University of Cambridge

Committee Member (Conference): Dr. Marco Wyss (Lancaster)

Committee Member (Newsletter): Dr. Martin Folly, Brunel Univeristy, London,

Co-opted members

Dr. Juliette Desplat (National Archives)

Dr. Richard Smith (FCO)

Professor Alan Dobson (Editor: International History Review)

Honorary Members

Professor Glyn Stone (Honorary President)